Our Unique Approach

UrbanSenior® Living is an attitude about life.  It is a commitment to remaining independent, preserving choices, promoting health and wellness, and experiencing the excitement, which comes from eliminating home ownership burdens.  It is driven with the intent of finding ways to continue doing everything residents enjoy, rather than finding reasons why they cannot.  It is a long-range plan, intent on promoting the ability to choose what, when, and how the lifelong journey progresses.

urbanSenior® Living is committed to bringing families and friends together more often.  It boasts a unique downtown location with a natural setting for children, grandchildren, and friends.  Shopping, dining, recreation, lodging, and entertainment are right outside the door.  Visits will become events that everyone will look forward to with great anticipation.

If you find value in having friends and neighbors with common interests, you’ll appreciate the small scale of Pacific Place.  Our smaller size promotes a more intimate setting, a personable staff, and a service-oriented environment. With fewer residents, there are not as many rules and regulations to invade your privacy.

We provide security, social opportunities, financial predictability, and the freedom to make choices that will get you more out of each and every day. Everything we do, from architecture and interior design to services to sponsored activities, is aimed at keeping our residents independent and out of costly assisted living and nursing home facilities.

Pacific Place Senior Living - Our Unique Approach