Pacific Place Senior Living in Webster Groves, St. Louis, Missouri
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Nestled in the heart of the Old Orchard Shopping District in bustling Webster Groves, Pacific Place is a unique senior living experience for independent seniors who value freedom of choice. Here you will discover that where you live has an unmistakable influence on how you live.

Uniquely situated just steps away from dining, cultural experiences, entertainment, banking, and shopping in the Old Orchard Shopping district, Pacific Place offers residents the opportunity to be active, healthy and immersed in a rich community experience.

Explore our fresh approach to St. Louis retirement communities and discover the special touches that make Pacific Place a model for other retirement communities around the world. Discover how you can become a Priority Member, and receive the very best selection of floor plan styles and the lowest prices, along with other special benefits.

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Pacific Place Senior Living

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Pacific Place News and Updates

Apartment Living at Pacific Place

Pacific Place Senior Living in Webster Groves St. Louis Missouri

If you have always appreciated having a little space to spread out, organize your interests into specific spaces, and accommodate guests and visitors, you will be pleased when you see our very spacious recently created apartment home with over 1250 sf.   There is plenty of space for dining, cooking relaxing and taking care of some essential business needs.  This unit is designed for maximum furniture wall space for its size.  Across the hall is a year-round porch which overlooks the patio, wine garden and the Old Orchard Business district.  All of our larger units feature pocket doors that create more openness and light along with the flexibility to create privacy when needed.

Pacific Place Senior Living in Webster Groves St. Louis Missouri

The nice part is that this easy to care for home comes with all of the shops, restaurants, banks, salons, and services of the quaint Old Orchard district.  You will also appreciate the educational and performing arts of Opera Theatre and the Repertory Theatre located on the campus of Webster University along with its many galleries, bookstore, library and swimming pool within a few steps of your door.

Pacific Place Senior Living in Webster Groves St. Louis Missouri

If that weren’t enough, we have our own award winning restaurant – Big Sky Café, and we’re right next door to, a Hair Salon, HoneyBee Biscuits, and the Old Orchard Gallery.  Earlier this year the Webster Pharmacy located a block away has served our residents well throughout this unusual year.

Treat yourself to some easy living, and know that where you live has an unmistakable influence on how you live.


Where you live has an unmistakable impact on how you live.  At any age, or time and place, there are distinct and proven benefits that come from living in a diverse and vibrant town center, which offers a broad range of services, dining, entertainment, educational opportunities, exposure to the arts and contact with people of all ages.  Let’s explore a few of those benefits:

walking the neighborhoodPhysical health and fitness.  Walking down to the corner for breakfast or the produce market is not only fun, but it is good for your physical health.  People don’t see it as ‘exercise class’, they see it as “running an errand” and it is so much easier to do.  Doing this often is good cardiovascular exercise, it maintains muscle and balance, and on a nice day it is invigorating.  The contact and conversations with the people you speak with on these errands help to keep your mind sharp and adds variety to your day.  Maintaining these skills prolongs health and independence.  It contributes to an ability to continue living in your own independent apartment for a very long time….very possibly eliminating, or certainly delaying, almost all assisted living or nursing care.

Walking to Lunch

Maintaining independence and decision making:  When most of the things you might need or want to do are within a few short steps from where you live, you can do them whenever you feel like it.  Even when you are still maintaining a car, those things are there to enjoy and maybe save some gas money in the process.  Many people eventually give up the expense of a car or only drive during good weather or at certain times of day.  Whether you have a car or you don’t, you are not dependent on someone else when you need to do something.  Positioning yourself so you can always make your own decisions is very important for most people.

Walk to the theatre

The satisfaction of being a part of the broader community you live in.  Our Town Center and many close resources allows people to remain involved with people outside of Pacific Place.  There are shops, churches, banks, events, galleries, classes, art fairs, concerts and many other opportunities to be included.  Many residents volunteer or attend events that are open to the public in order to see or hear the same things the rest of the city is enjoying every day.  When you eat your lunch or diner out, you have 15-20 food options in our town center including our award winning Big Sky Café with special pricing and many benefits provided only to Pacific Place residents.

When you live in a residence like Pacific Place, there are a lot of things that come long with you apartment that are free and help you to live a long and exciting life.

Our Unique Covid Experience

Hamilton Watch Party

It was a very different experience but yet very pleasant.  Pacific Place has experienced no cases for residents or staff.  We have had no lockdowns of residents in their apartments.  We have continued visits with family and relatives in our gallery and many outdoor patios, while complying with the St. Louis County requirement to limit entry to our main building and apartments.  We have enjoyed great dining options without requiring residents to eat in their apartments.  The Old Orchard Gallery became a temporary Entertainment Center with safe seating arrangements and a variety of scheduled activities throughout the week.  Our Old Orchard business district was very quiet for many weeks, allowing for safe walks in the district with stops for take out food and filling prescriptions at our local Webster Pharmacy.

Lunch or Dinner at The Big Sky Cafe

Big Sky Patio

Most of all our residents have become experts in social distancing, safe seating, masking, sanitizing and hand washing.  Now that we are venturing out a bit more, Pacific Place residents have changed some old habits and are very good at how to remain safe.

Why was this possible?

We have a small community with 35 apartments and cottages.  It is easy to spread out with 35 residents.  It is easy to provide extra services to help with shopping, filling prescriptions, dining, entertainment, outdoor meetings with family and friends, using hallways and elevators, resident meetings, barbeques, and weekly dinner events.  Residents could reserve one of our 8 patio/courtyards for visits from family or friends at a distance and use our Art Gallery for indoor gatherings.

Our in-house restaurant, Big Sky Café, was open for carry out dinning for the public and for Pacific Place…Great Food.  We organized outdoor walks around the neighborhood and Webster University, and set up patio games to allow for some healthy competition.

How does the building design make a difference?

We have very short corridors with a small number of people using them.  Our elevator and nicely finished stairways allow for circulation without a crowd.  Each apartment has self contained individual heating and cooling….no sharing of air between units.  Our Art Gallery, Hair Salon and other shops are all protected by a UV filtering system in the return air ducts.  The Big Sky Café is also protected by the same UV filtering system.  A variety of outdoor patios and courtyards allows safe gathering space to meet with visitors who were not allowed into the building.

While we continue to practice precautionary measures, we are reclaiming some of the enjoyable aspects of living that allow us to thrive.

For many different reasons, where you live does influence how you live.

Art Studio in The Old Orchard Gallery

Every week Pacific Place offers art classes in the Old Orchard Gallery. Our very talented residents work with a variety of mediums while enjoying music and refreshments.

Occasionally we will assemble a resident exhibit which our residents and staff enjoying viewing. Webster Groves private and public school districts, at all grade levels and Webster University students have exhibited student work in our Gallery. It is a great place to gather people of all ages who enjoy art and fun events.